Thank you to the #1 Time Spent Listening show on the net, "The Lopsided World of L" out of Berlin with famed award winning international radio personality Jonathan L. for playing 'Boom' and 'Ice Chip Candy' 


Numerous FM, Public, Internet, and College new music and specialty shows from London and the UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada, S. Africa and the USA are discovering and playlisting the singles 'Boom', 'Ice Chip Candy', 'Take Me There', 'So In Awe', and 'Pulling Strings' from this astonishing indie alternative psychedelic rock debut album "LD in LA". Big Thanks to

Rodney on the Rock on SiriusXM Underground Garage for playing 'Boom' on 10/7/18.

Huge Thanks to ALL the stations worldwide for playing and enjoying songs by LUPER DUPREE!!!

Check out the song 'Boom' featured in a full segment montage on ABC TV on America's Funniest Home Videos.

In conjunction with the book, the novel is accompanied by a high quality musical soundtrack written and recorded by Troy that highlights his wonderful and powerful songwriting abilities with hook driven mesmerizing songs, thought provoking harmonizing lyrics, and his eloquent proven rock and roll voice. Beautiful catchy songs from the soundtrack like "Take Me There", "Boom", and "So In Awe", make it easy to hear and understand how the music of LUPER DUPREE appeases having an instant impact highlighting the author's craft and gift for songwriting. Simply put, with such a remarkable inspiring message, you will surely enjoy listening to LUPER DUPREE-LDinLA. So "Take out the Garbage", find your "Wave", stay "Strong", make"The Most of It" and remember, "Ice Chip Candy" is the best of foods.




Luper Dupree: Love My Crohn's Disease is the recently completed fascinating debut novel by Troy Amidon from the shadows of young Hollywood in its purest, sexy, rock and roll ways. Luper Dupree: Love My Crohn's Disease chronicles Troy Amidon's personal lifelong struggle suffering from the incurable sickness of  Crohn's Disease while detailing his highly interesting journey within the celebrity artist culture of Los Angeles breathing life into the heart of the city resulting in one of the most unique, shocking, and unpredictable true stories the city will ever offer. From the highest forms of elation to the furthest depths of despair, an unbelievably fresh new brand of memoir has been born from the destiny of tragedy amounting to a most overcoming and inspirational story of the human spirit.